Scriptural Reminder:

On we pray that we can help Christians believe the Scriptural truth that the human body is very good and learn to see nudity in positive, Godly, and healthy ways.  And while we believe that nothing can make the truth that the human body is decent more real in peoples lives than the actual experience of non-sexual nudity with others of both sexes, we also believe that photos of non-sexual nudity can help reinforce that truth.

However, Scripture also says that whatever is not of faith is sin, so if you believe that nudity is indecent it would sinful for you to continue to the next site at this time.  Please go back to God, Scripture, and and learn more how harmful shame can be, as well as how good God's wonderful creation is.

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On the other hand, if you have come to the point of agreeing with God that His creation is good and shame is damaging, the photos of non-sexual nudity and other information on the following site could help reinforce that belief, you are most welcome to:

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