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Body shame is an indicator of our alienation from God, self, and others, it is a bondage from Hell, and according to the Bible a direct result of Satan's deception.  Such shame is often at the root of low self-esteem, depression, sexual abuse, addictions, and more. 

The purpose of this site is to educate people about the harm of such shame from a Christian perspective and to be a resource in breaking its destructive grip.  It's goal is to help people, especially Christians, learn to treat the human body as very good and holy in agreement with Scripture.  To help people focus on what God intended for our bodies and sex, instead of how Satan and the world has perverted them.

God did not create the human body to be a stumbling block or temptation for His children, God said that all of His creation is "very good".  It is sin and Satan which perverts our attitudes and response to God's good creation. 

I pray that this site can help Christians replace sinful responses to the human body with Godly ones. 

It's not just about nudity
For as long as I can remember I have known my calling to be in educating people of the harm of body shame and to promote positive, godly attitudes toward human nudity.  But I talked with a pastor friend about this site and while he thought that the site was very good and Biblically based, (even though he had not thought about the subject of nudity from a Christian perspective before!) he felt that something was missing.  That it left out a very important part of body acceptance for Christians.  He suggested that perhaps I should be talking about sex as well as nudity.

That took me by surprise, but it confirmed something that I had already been thinking.  Nudity and sex are not the same thing (a point I try to make very clear) but most people's thinking link them so strongly, and their attitudes about both have become so perverted and ungodly, that I feel it is difficult to address nudity without speaking about sex as well.  Can people have thoughts about the body that honor God if their thoughts about sex are ungodly?  While the body is not sex, the human body is sexual, we are sexual beings.  So I think it is difficult to direct people to more godly attitudes about the body and nudity without addressing sex as well.  We need to have not just in right attitudes about nudity, but about sex as well.  The sexual union of husband and wife is illustration and symbol of the union and love of Christ and the Church.  Sex in marriage is a wonderful, holy, and sacred gift from God, such sex can and should be spiritual.  We need to be rooted in what God's design and purpose for sex is.  Not being firmly rooted in that easily leads to sexual perversion.

However, primary subject that I feel called to speak on is on shame, body acceptance, and nudity, not sex.  Therefore rather than writing a lot about sex myself I will primarily refer readers to what I feel are good resources from others who have more calling and have done more study and research in that area.  There are actually a number of very good works regarding godly sexuality already.  God has clearly called others to ministry which focuses on sex more than He has me.  As I find what I believe to be solid, Biblically based books, resources, and ministries which focus on the goodness and holiness of Christian marital sex, I will include links to them here.

If you would like to explore more on the goodness and holiness of sex yourself, here are a few books that I highly recommend to start.

Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage

By: Tim Alan Gardner

"How can I mention holiness and sex in the same phrase?" asks Tim Gardner, the author of Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage. "Well, for one thing, because God does." So begins this thoughtful let's-talk-about-sex book for Christians. Gardner encourages readers (i.e., married couples) to practice unconditional acceptance of their partners' bodies and to have a clear understanding of why God created sex in the first place. The "big O," according to Gardner, "is not orgasm; it's oneness." Gardner provides excellent biblical and cultural examples of why the union of husband and wife should, as the New Testament explains it, represent the mystery of the relationship between Christ and the church."
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

60 Things God Said About Sex

By Lester Frank Sumrall

God created sex for a specific purpose-and created it good. Sex is a gift from God. The Bible candidly deals with sex (more so than many modern sex manuals!), and Sixty Things God Said about Sex is forthright in presenting the biblical view of sex as a gift from God, its intended use, and the spiritual parallel of a husband and wife's sexual union as a symbol of the sacred consummation of Christ and His bride-the church.

In this straightforward explanation of the biblical view of sex, Lester Sumrall will show you that the best way to have sex is God's way. This book is perfect for couples about to get married, parents who think it's about time to have "that talk" with their child, or anyone who finds that the world's view of sex isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I am sure that there will be many more books added as resources, that I'll add to this list but these are a very good place to start!  I highly recommend them.


David Blood
(I will again be using my real name from now on, not Nate Dekan)
How You Can Help

The purpose of this site is to help free people from the bondage of body shame, to confront the stronghold of body shame and break it's power, as well as to help people develop more Godly, wholesome, and healthier attitudes toward the human body which God created and called "very good". 

Such a stronghold won't just vanish without resistance or putting up a fight.  Therefore I request continuing prayer from Christians who believe in and support the purpose and mission of this site.  Pray that people will be open and responsive to the message of this site, pray for my ability to continue this site, and pray for my direction and wisdom when responding to those who oppose me and this message, or people who contact me through the site, that God's freedom, truth, love, and grace will minister to them through the site and any correspondence from myself or others associated with the site. And pray for those who contact me through the site expressing needs and concerns.  Most important, pray for those who oppose this work, say false things, make it difficult, and put up resistance.  Pray for them with prayers of love, forgiveness, the opening of eyes, harts, and repentance.

Also very important, share the information on this site with others!  This site does little good if only a few see it, it needs to be shared with others and you can help do that.  You don't have to tell anyone how you feel about what's on the site, whether you agree with it or not.  Simply tell them you would like their opinion, you would like to know what they think about it.  If they are receptive, great, that could help open some eyes and harts.  If someone strongly disagrees with how you feel about this site, don't push it or argue, just thank them, wipe the dust off your feet (so to speak) and move on.  If you tell someone about this site, and they tell someone, who tells someone, etc. and others do the same, this message could have a great impact very quickly.

To share the site with others you can send links from the site (such as the home page at ) to family, friends, pastors, etc. or with most email programs you can even send whole pages!  You can also help be contributing your story or comments to the site.  If you have a story, experience or thought about how rejecting shame has benefited you or your family, you can share that on our Testimonies page.   If you have a comment about how this site may have helped you, you can share it on our Comments page.  Personal stories can have a great impact in helping others, we hope that you will share yours.

Thank you for your help and prayers.

In Christ,

David Blood

I would like to extend special thanks to...
  • All who pray for and help support this site.
  • All who help promote this site and help educate society about body-shame and respect.
Thank You!

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