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Has this site helped, encouraged, or challenged you or your family?  I'd love to hear about it.  Sometime this is hard work as many oppose what is said on this site, letters like these make it all worth while. Please submit your site comments here


Women are particularly victims of body-shame-based oppression.  Kudos to you for offering them some hope of relief.  One of the most harrowing relationships I ever had was with a
classically "beautiful" and physically perfectly healthy woman who suffered chronic body dysphoria.  She hated her body, but made a successful living in modeling.  It's a horrible disorder.  Our culture obviously pushes a degree of it on all but the most truly "liberated" women who transcend the constant and insane pressure to make their bodies fit one mold (though not to say this is the only issue contributing to clinical dysphoria).  In my understanding, many physical health problems (such as obesity, for one) are often exacerbated or even initially caused by shame.  Every child should be told every day from birth, "You are beautiful just as you are.  Now treat yourself well so that your beauty can continue to flourish."


* * *

Your article on sexual abuse was wonderful and will give me some good back up in my argument with family members. I come from a long history of generational sexual abuse. Nudity was forbidden in my home because of the things that went on with my mothers family. We we're taught that if someone sees you naked, your inviting them to hurt you and that the body was a secret you must always cover up and protect. It made for some very curious and confused teenagers.

From infancy, I have always fought to sleep nude. Frankly, clothes are uncomfortable to sleep in. You can imagine the constant battle in my home as a child. When I had my own child, I vowed I would respect his feelings about nudity and allow him to develop his own preferences. His father and I did not run and hide to cover our nakedness. We went on with life as normal and he never seemed to mind. My son has friends that see "boobs" on TV and they make a big deal out of it. My son doesn't seem very interested. He does not find the human body a mystery and he is able to ask me any questions without feeling ashamed.

I am currently at war with my boyfriend about nudity and children. I have a 10 yr old and if he walks in the room while I'm dressing, it causes a huge issue with my boyfriend who says its damaging my son. I figure that when my son gets to the age that he feels he needs to be private, he will let me know and I will respect that. So far he shows no interest in my body. He has NEVER made a sexual statement or even acted stimulated. I would just like someone else out there to agree with me that my way of living has taken away some serious self esteem issues with my son, made him more respectful of people for who they are on the inside, enabled us to have a very open, communicative relationship free from fear and condemnation and broken a long cycle of abuse and secrecy. 

Am I expecting too much from mainstream society to respect my feelings on nudity? I have said a million times and I will say it again. It's not the naked body that creates sexual deviance but a deviant mind who could find perversion in anything. I ask then who are the real perverts, those living a natural life or those walking around always dressed having perverse thoughts? I'm sorry to ramble it's just that this issue causes me much stress. Again, thank you for your article, I will be sending a link to your page to those who would criticize.


* * *
I wouldn't have even dreamed of saying it any better than the words on this site!  Coming from a religious family and personal background, the arrow(s) hit dead center on the circle of rings (target)! GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!     THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR INSIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I SEE THINGS THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dale B.

* * *
WOW Your website reject-shame is outstanding. I read the article (Shame, Children, and Abuse) several times and finally just printed it. I sat down with my wife and read it together. We even decided to go out on a limb and share it with a friend of ours that has had some abuse in her family. She is not a nudist, but those words just make so much sense. 


* * *
Hi all:

I am happy to see I am not the only one who sees Satan's perversion and deception of GOD's very good creation.  I go a little farther with that thought. 

Anyone preaching the "naked is nasty" is PERFECTING Satan's perversion of GOD's very good creation, and is following Satan on that issue.   Something so clear in all Bibles I have seen (the wording) should be preached from all Christian and Old Covenant pulpits.  Instead, the Seminary trained Preachers are parroting the training they received in State Seminary schools.  This opens up another can-o-worms not related to nudity, but shows why preachers are indoctrinated the way they are.

An example is Romans 13.  Yes we are to submit to our Authorities.  Hebrews 13, particularly :7 & :17 clearly state WHO our Authorities are.  Worldly "authorities" club Believers over the head with this one, to their own demise before God.

Another example: The 'do not cause anyone to stumble';  This is misused for any 'cause' that someone does not understand.  Therefore, no matter what we do, we are "causing someone to stumble", by their reasoning.  Worldly "authorities" like to use this reasoning for their gain over Believers.

Another example: 'Turn the other cheek'.  Yes, if someone strikes you on the cheek, turn the other to him, also.  Yet, no where in the Bible are we to be someone's punching bag.  I say on this; Yes, turn the other cheek to someone if they strike us.  If they strike the other cheek,
stomp a mud-hole in them and forgive them for their transgression.  The important thing is to forgive them, but first you need to get their attention!  The "be nice" people definitely misuse this one.

Steven Hatfield
Red Bluff, Ca.

* * *
Outstanding site!  I noted your comment and link to my church -- thanks! 
May God bless your efforts to get the Word out regarding His image.

God bless,

Pastor Jeff Bowman - Fellowship Bible Church, Anaheim, CA

* * *
Thanks for a site that has the possibility of doing much good. I've only had time to read a portion of it, but will come back to it.

Our US culture nearly universally produces shame-based people. Once this is understood, examples are seen everywhere. It goes beyond body shame, but body shame is a huge part of the total problem.

Best wishes on your endeavor.


* * *

Great site. It is one that I'd definitely be able to tell others to look at, especially those suffering from the shame issues you mentioned. 

- Soj

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