Helping to Free Christians from the Deception of Body Shame

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The benefits of rejecting body shame and developing respectful attitudes toward nudity and the body are so strong and so needed in this society that I hate to add any type of disclaimer.  However in a society where people have taken action against even huge multi-national corporations for things such as them spilling hot coffee on THEMSELVES, and ex-spouses have been falsely accused in divorce cases, we unfortunately feel it is prudent, so here goes…

The information on this site is for informational purposes only.  All articles, stories, and comments reflect only the author's opinion or experience and therefore cannot be used to measure others experience.  While most people have positive experiences with nudity, some are (sadly) offended by it, thus not all people will have positive experiences. 

Any and all decisions you make using information from this or any other web site or source of information are solely your responsibility all others are to be held harmless. does not make any express or implied warranties, and under no circumstances shall, David Blood, or anyone associated with be liable for any decision, or action (or the results thereof) anyone else makes.  Information found on the web site or any other web sites, printed material, or other any information linked to it is just that, information.  What each person does with it is their responsibility.

It is unfortunate that some need to be reminded of this, BUT any actions you take or decisions you make are your sole responsibility and no one else's.  I believe this is why God called King David a man after His own heart, because when he was confronted with his mistakes (of which there where many) he took responsibility for them rather than blaming someone else.

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