Breaking the Grip of Shame Among Christians by Promoting Body Respect.

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Prayer Request

The purpose of this site is to help free people from the bondage of body shame, to confront the stronghold of body shame and break it's power, as well as to help people develop more Godly, wholesome, and healthier attitudes toward the human body which God created and called "very good". 

Strongholds don't just vanish without resistance or putting up a fight.  Therefore I request continuing prayer from Christians who believe in and support the purpose and mission of this site.  Pray that people will be open and responsive to the message of this site, pray for my support and ability to continue this site, and pray for my direction and wisdom when responding to people who contact me through the site, that God's freedom, truth, love, and grace will minister to them through the site and any correspondence from myself or others associated with the site. And pray for those who contact me through the site expressing needs and concerns.

If you would commit to praying for this site, it's ministry, myself and others associated with the site on a regular basis please Click Here. and type "Add me to your Prayer Team" in the subject line.  I will add you to a special list that will receive notices of need for prayer, as well as praise reports.


Nate Dekan

Founder -

Copyright 2002 Nate Dekan

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