Breaking the Grip of Shame Among Christians by Promoting Body Respect.

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How You Can Help

If you agree that body shame is harmful and you want to help other Christians understand that, it's very simple. First of all pray for the success of this work (Click Here to go to our Prayer Request page and join our prayer team). Next, simply share the information on this site with others!

You don't have to tell anyone (upfront at least) how you feel about what's on the site.  Simply tell them you would like their opinion, you would like to know what they think about it.  Just doing that could plant a seed.  If they are receptive, great, that could help someone, start some good conversation, or it even deepen friendship with those people.  If someone is strongly opposed to what you share, don't push it or argue, just thank them for their opinion, wipe the dust off your feet (so to speak) and move on. 

If you tell someone about this site, and they tell someone, who tells someone, etc. and others do the same, this message could have a great impact very quickly.

To share the site with others you can send links from the site (such as the home page here) to family, friends, pastors, etc. or with most email programs you can even send whole pages!  We are also working to make more printer friendly versions of the articles available so you are welcome to print the articles out and share them that way as well (Provided the text is unaltered and the copies include our Internet address).

You can also help be contributing your story or comments to the site.  If you have a story, experience or thought about how rejecting shame has benefited you or your family, you can share that on our Freed From Shame page.   If you have something to share about living free of shame you can share that on our Living Unashamed page.  And if you have a comment about how this site may have helped you, you can share it on our Comments page.  Personal stories can have a great impact in helping others, we hope that you will share yours.

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Financial help to promote this message would be greatly appreciated, however we are not set up as a non-profit to allow you to deduct any gifts at this time. 

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