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   From David Blood
David Blood
Recently Iíve become a Justice Fanatic.  Now that's a label I never imagined that I would use to describe myself!  That's because I was frustrated with the "system", probably a lot like you are.  At the Supreme Court and in courts throughout the USA the words "Equal Justice Under Law" are set in stone.  Even though they may be carved in stone, there is a major problem, they just donít seem to be true!  It seems in the USA today is that it's better to be rich and guilty than poor or middle class and innocent or in need of legal help and advice.  I am not a lawyer and I cannot give you legal advice or council, however I can refer you to a great service that is helping average people like you and I. 

Let me give you just one personal example.  I felt that it would be wise to have an attorney review the photo release form I had for my VeniceFloridaParadise.com Web Site.  Normally I would have done nothing about it because of the cost of having an attorney review something like that.  However I now had this membership so I decided to try it out.  An attorney who specializes in this area reviewed my photo release and recommended several changes to protect me legally.  I made the changes and resubmitted it for review with positive results.  I had excellent, prompt, service and council, from an expert in the area of concern to me and it cost me nothing beyond my low monthly membership fee!  Because of my experiences with this membership and that of many others I know, I can now see that the average person like you and I CAN get equal access to justice!  Click here to read the stories of some other members.  This is a service that I won't be without and it has made me a justice fanatic, wanting to share the benefits of this great service with anyone who will listen!  Check it out for yourself by clicking here and/or emailing me here.  You'll be glad you did!
Have you ever thought about having a home based business?  I bet that you like many other people have thought about it.  What about one with low start up cost, that you could easily start part time without effecting your job, and that has a simple, proven system to help people increase their income and time freedom? 

Have you ever received a free CD from America On line?  Did you know that those CDís are the major part of why AOL is a huge multi-billion dollar company?  Knowing that, would you like to profit with a company that has a goal to create more millionaires than any other company in history simply by having people give away CDís or DVDís?  If you act fast, you could change your life for the better simply by giving away CDís and DVDís.  You can start by requesting one from me, just send me your name, full address, full phone number, and whether you want a CD or DVD and I'll send you one ASAP!

The rest of this page and site is about other interests, etc. of mine.  So why should that interest you?  Perhaps it doesn't, if so you can stop reading now.  However,  I believe that shared interests and beliefs can be a great place to start friendships.  Hopefully this can be a starting point to get to know others of like interests and beliefs.  (Especially in the Venice/Sarasota area of Florida.)  Likewise it is also good to know if there are strong areas of disagreement too.  I believe that those with disagreements can still be good friends, it's just good to know upfront.  In my work with my websites and other home based business I'm meeting a lot of people, so I thought this would be a good basic intro. to David Blood.

So, here goes...  In the Summer of 2003 I moved from Oregon to Florida.  I really didn't think that I'd like Florida much but discovered to my surprise that I did.  So much so, that even though I have left the project that brought me here I have no desire to leave Florida.  In fact I like my new home town of Venice Florida so much that I've developed a web site called VeniceFloridaParadise.com to showcase this wonderful bit of paradise.  I'm also a nut about modern architecture and there is a lot of great examples of modern architecture in this area.  So I'm going to follow my passion for this and design a new web site showcasing many great modern style buildings in this area. (from the 1950's to today)

I am a Christian but NOT a conservative fundamentalist!  I was once one of those, but now believe that that is exactly the type of mindset that Jesus so strongly spoke out against over and over in the Gospels when He rebuked the Pharisees.  I believe that God wants us to live rich, abundant lives filled with grace, love, joy, compassion, and freedom in Him.  Sadly, however, Christianity seems to me to have largely become the type of religion that Jesus Christ preached so strongly against.  I've seen many "Christians" who are filled with legalism, judgementalism, and self-righteousness.  I've heard many of these types of religious people say that America has rejected Christ, essentially because others don't believe EXACTLY like they do.  I don't agree with that at all, what many people have rightly rejected is the legalism, judgementalism, self-righteous, type of religion that often passes itself off for Christianity.  They are absolutely right to reject that, it is what Jesus so strongly opposed during His ministry, and it should be rejected! 

Beyond justice, Venice, architecture, home based business, and websites, and as part of my faith, I have a deep passion to help educate people about the harm of body shame.  This is an issue that is very personal to me and one that is very important for me to be open about, even if others disagree.  As a child I grew up in a very shame based home and I was sexually abused by neighbors. I was extremely frightened of what would happen if my family found out about what was going on with the neighbors so I kept it hidden.  This is very common, abused children are often more frightened to tell about the abuse, then they are to let it continue.  This is largely because of the discomfort their parents and others, (in fact most of this society) show about the body and sexual issues.  They often fear that how their parents or other adults will react will just make things worse, I know that I did. They may even feel that they will be blamed for the abuse, right or wrong, I felt this too.

Much healing has come for me by more fully learning of God's love and grace, and by learning that sex is good, even holy, WHEN it is according to His design and purpose.  Much very important healing has also come for me in discovering how to view the human body as good and acceptable rather than as shameful or obscene.  Healing has come for others this way as well.  I believe that most sexual abuse and addictions could be prevented if this society was far more comfortable with and accepting of the nude human body.  This doesn't mean that I go running around nude in public everywhere!  It does mean that I am open in how I feel about this subject.  The Apostle Paul instructed Christians not to do some things in front of others if it would offend them, but he still talked openly about those issues.  That's how I feel about this issue.  I should try not to offend others, but I shouldn't hide it either.

I believe that at some point this may even be a full time ministry for me, how that will work out I don't know yet, but I'm moving forward with it.  My RejectShame web site is part of my effort to educate people on how damaging and ungodly body shame is.  I believe that body shame and regarding human nudity as indecent or obscene is a direct result of sin, satanic deception, and alienation from God.  Galatians 6:7 says: "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."  Genesis 1:31 says: "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good."   Titus 1:15 says: "To those that are pure, all things are pure" and Isaiah 5:20 says: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil"  Yet calling good evil is exactly what many Christians do with the human body and the harvest which is being reaped from believing that is truly evil.  That harvest of shame can be seen in low self-esteem, sexual perversion, child sexual abuse, addiction to pornography and much more.

Although not directly about "body" shame, I do recommend the following excellent books which deal with issues such as sexual addiction as well shame in more general terms, the concepts in these books are very easily applied to body shame:   

     Pure Desire - by Ted Roberts
     A Way of Escape - by Neil T. Anderson
     Shame Thief of Intimacy - by Marie Powers
     Deceived by Shame Desired by God - Cynthia Spell Humbert

Besides justice, my websites, body shame/acceptance, I enjoy good times with friends, photography, surfing the web, architecture, watching good movies, hiking, swimming/hot tubing (but ONLY without those stupid, worse than useless, uncomfortable, and offensive things called swimming suits!), playing Backgammon, Uno, Jinga, etc., or simply hanging out and talking.  I like both big cities, and nature (especially beautiful forests and beaches), in nature I feel a closer connection to myself and the majesty of Gods creation, in big cities I like the art, culture, diversity, sights, activities, festivals, and celebrations.  I also like many music styles such as Swing, Classic Rock and "New Age", as well as enjoying modern art, sci-fi, theme parks (especially Disney), travel, cats, and much more!  I also care about protecting the environment and living a simpler way of life.   

Well, that's the basic intro. to David Blood.  The rest of this site plus my other web sites and pages also say a lot about what I believe, what I like, and who I am.  As I said at the top, perhaps this can be a starting point to get to know others of similar interests and beliefs.  It would be most wonderful to become friends (and possibly more) with a single woman who finds that she shares much in common with me because of this and my other pages.  But you don't have to be a single woman, if you find that we share some interests and would like to get to know me better drop me a line and say hello.  I am also building a great home based business so, if you'd like to find out more about that drop me a line about that too.  If you find that we share some interests and think we could work well together, we could have a lot of fun in this business too!

May God's peace, grace, and love always be yours richly.

David Blood