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Biblical Nudity References

There are many Bible Verses that you will find for Pro-Nudity (Nudity which is biblically good) and Anti-Clothed (where being clothed is wrong). There are also further examples of passages which include references of public or semi-public nudity that are either not condemned by God, or are facilitated and commanded by him.  In addition, your first thought might be, "is it morally immodest?" Biblical modesty in relation to clothes is actually directed to not wear flashy robes to showoff your self or your riches. Normally referenced to the kings and priests. The priests are actually the only ones commanded to wear robes (white linen), so to make themselves neutral in the synagogues.

See the Old Testament Verses  and the New Testament verses (and check out the pro-nudity challenges 1 & 2) In the menu

A word lookup was done in King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), & New International Version (NIV) Bible versions at Bible Gateway, for a few keywords.

  • A total or 88 results (verses) returned for "naked" - See them HERE
  • A total of 300 results (verses) returned for "clothe" - See them HERE
  • Blue Letter Bible "Dictionary and Word Search for naked" HERE - (naked occurs 47 times in 45 verses in KJV)
  • I will comment though that the words naked and clothe (clothes or clothed) is used in different context and has different origins for it's meaning from it's original text. Often the use of the words are referred to as the absence of our being clothed in the spirit, not by linen of the world. Because of the textile world, personal interpretation has come into effect instead of the accurate translation.

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Additional In-depth research can be found in "Nudity, - as Mentioned in the Bible", "Good Nudity", and "Does God Desire us to be ashamed?", found in Articles & Writings

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Bible sources are from The Bible Gateway & The Blue Letter Bible. Links on the bible verses pages go to one of them.

Face it, you can't get too much truth! As it is written in John 8:32
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (Clothes free?) (Naked and unashamed?)

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