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The thing is that really one does NOT know what they or another would think about a naturist vacation. Until the experience becomes real for you, you are only getting some of the highlights that others have felt! Women especially tell me that they understood I told them it would make them feel free and more at ease with themselves but they tell me afterwards, "but you didn't tell me I'd feel so FREE and RELAXED!" - Pastor JW Olson

Many people equate their nude recreation experience with being in the biblical paradise known as the Garden of Eden. There is a freedom that comes with being nude with your family and friends on some ocean beach that many believe is as close as one can get to it.

Naturism is about respect for one's body, for nature and for each other. Because of the wholesomeness of these principles, naturism has always been a social, strongly family-oriented activity.

"The Four Laws of Naturism are: Accept Yourself, Respect Others, Live Simply, and Relax Daily". - Paul Penhallow from Living Naked and Frugal : A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity.

Hi, As you I too was born a naturist. However, my environment (USA - Midwest) nudity was frowned on (at least in public). So unfortunately I let it alone for too many years. I can credit many factors for reawakening me to nudism. I should state I've always been a Christian - Catholic to be specific. As I'm sure you know the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I was watching the movie Oh God. It's about God, who was played by the late George Burns, coming to earth to tell a young man, played by the late John Denver, to spread the word that He was upset by the way people were treating each other. Anyway there is a scene where Denver is showering. God appears and Denver starts to cover himself. God says something to the effect of why is he doing that, "I know what you look like. I made you." As strange as it may seem that got me to thinking of liberating myself to pray in the nude. I can't tell you the joy and happiness of that first time. I then simply started expanding my experiences and have enjoyed living and growing in the Lord and nudism. - Dave

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