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  • 205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism
    THE UNITED STATES LAGS FAR BEHIND most of the rest of Western Civilization in its negative attitude toward the human body. While most of Europe is comfortable with the concept of nude recreation on beaches and in vacation resorts, here in the U.S., conservative political action groups seek to criminalize even the most innocent exposure of the human body. Often these groups gain support by purporting to defend "family values" or "Christian morality."
    There seem to be a number of passages that mention nudity in the presence of others as acceptable behavior. There also appears to be many instances in the history of the Christian Church where public nudity was a normal activity. Naturism is not disallowed by the Bible, or by church tradition and that Christians should feel free to investigate naturism freely.
  • Nudity and the Bible
    Many nudists are Christians who adhere to the Bible’s teachings. If you’re new to this lifestyle and are also religiously devout, you might be nervous about being deemed a sinner. After all, the Bible very clearly states that when Adam and Eve were in right with God, they were naked. When people are in right with God, they do not have to fear nudity.
  • What the New Testament says about clothing?
    Surprisingly, it says almost nothing about men's clothing and gives no specific commands about the style or length of women's clothing.
  • Is Nudity Wrong?
    Although the Bible plainly states that there was no shame of nudity before the fall though Christians say that nudity is now wrong because things changed after the fall. It's body shame and not nudity which is wrong?.
  • Good Nudity!
    This theological study by Jeff is a result of many hours of prayerful and careful research in the Bible. It then opened our lives to the good nudity found in naturism which we enjoy! What we found was not what we originally were taught or believed. Here is the theological basis for our involvement in naturism.
  • Clothing and nakedness in the Bible
    (Surprise! God isn't offended by your body!)
    The true purpose and significance of clothing in relationship to God's grace and the Christian ethics of clothing
  • 403: Forbidden - Naturism
    This article originally appeared in (the now defunct) Internet Underground magazine for June 1997. "403: Forbidden" is (was) a column devoted to topics that are often taboo in "mainstream" media but have been able to receive more sympathetic attention on the Web.
  • 65 arguments for nudism (FKK - Free Body Culture) – There are times when clothing is physically uncomfortable. Nudity, on the other hand, is often much more convenient and comfortable. Here are Some observations of clothing and shame, Nudism is often more convenient and practical than clothing, it is healthy for the family, it increases metal health, it raises sexual health, promotes physical health, and more.
  • Children, Social Nudity and Scholarly Study
    Nearly every mother will attest to her toddler's readiness to scamper about the house and backyard naked. Children feel at ease in the nude until parents teach them that it's "wrong," "indecent," or "shameful." Children must also be taught that it is somehow inappropriate to see their family nude, for such ideas would not come to them naturally.
  • What shall we tell the children?
    This is a problem that crops up periodically and collective wisdom of a naturist newsgroup was asked. The 10 people who responded to the Question: A mum and/or dad are becoming naturists and they intend to take the kids (of a variety of ages) to a swim. a) What should they tell the kids before going? b) Discretion about who you tell about naturism is sometimes advisable. How do they instill this into the kids without giving the wrong impression?
  • Nudists and Naturists
    When it comes to modern society, there are some subjects that naturally draw people’s attention. Strangely, it’s not so often that you hear about nudists and naturists, even though many people are uncomfortable with their practices.
  • 15 Reasons why the sun is good for you
    For years we have been told to cover up in the sun to cut the risk of getting skin cancer. But now it seems that a little bit of sunshine on your body is actually good for you. Studies have shown that a sensible amount of sun reduces your risk of several cancers and other serious health conditions.
  • The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras
    The purpose of the study was to try and determine whether bra wearing was in any way connected with the development of breast cancer. The notion that clothing may affect the inner workings of your body can be difficult to accept. Yet the researchers were looking at the possible interference of a basic system of the body by the garments worn.
  • I would like to be a Nudist, BUT...
    Excuses people think they have for not trying it...
  • SunnyDay's new home page
    She created this site solely for the purpose of sharing with others the joys she has experienced with nude recreation and living.
  • Woman and Nudism
    From my experience, I have found that women are more reluctant to become nudists then men are. One reason for this is that women from a very young age are taught to be lady like and that it is bad to show others bare skin. Women are taught to be second class and they don't have the same rights as men to bare their chest in public. Most women think that nudism has something to do with sex or that it is immoral. Even if they consider it, there are always many excuses (e.g. "IM TO FAT TO BE NAKED IN FRONT OF PEOPLE"). Well ladies, you were all misinformed!
  • "So, your partner is interested in nudism..."!
    Not sure about this nudism idea yet? Then please read this by Cheri Alexander
  • A Woman's View: Who Wins in Nude Recreation?
    Almost all who come to Lupin, or other safe and comfortable nude recreation environments, are winners. They win exhilarating freedom, blissful relaxation, and solid comfort with their bodies and others.
  • A Male Tribute to Lupin Women
    Women deserve very special respect from each of us on the other side of the great gender divide. Surrounded by a body-alienated culture and burdened by centuries of systematic patriarchy, it is a wonder that women even consider, much less risk, social nudity with men. Just a precious few actually brave the experience, despite touted benefits which must seem almost too good to be true. It takes self-assurance and true grit.
  • A Soul Set Free
    To give up my clothing willingly was something I would never have considered, especially as a lifestyle choice. I thought nudists were the beautiful people, either already perfect, or wealthy enough to buy it. What other reason would someone have to go naked in front of others? It must be a mutual admiration society, right? Wrong!
    It is nearly impossible to understand how wholesome nudism is without experiencing it for yourself.
  • Woman to Woman - Welcome ladies, by Julie Dailey
    After only a year as a nudist, my perspective on what a woman might want to know prior to attending her first nudist function is that it is completely normal to be scared witless. If it's her spouse urging her to try nudism, anger is the normal reaction. Thinking that he is pursuing nudism just to see a lot of naked women unfortunately does not help her to embrace the idea.
  • For Women Only!
    Hopefully, this page will help alleviate any concerns a woman may have about Social Nudism/Naturism.
    Information for Women, A Place Where A Woman Can Feel Free & Safe At the Same Time
  • Women's Issues with Nudity
    It is certainly - and unfortunately - a fact that many fewer women than men seem to enjoy nudity, at least as measured by almost any index of participation in social nudity.
  • Why nude? (From a Woman's Perspective)
    Self acceptance and total relaxation are two of nude recreation's greatest contributions to today's woman. Nude recreation from a woman's perspective.
  • Women & Social Nudity: A Letter to Wives from a Nudist Spouse
    This article by Pamela Johnson was first published in the nudist magazine Suntan in 1951. It is just as true today as it was then. This laconic masterpiece addresses many common concerns women have about social nudism and offers very reasonable reassurance. Woman feel well understood after reading it; they feel others share their concerns.
  • Glenn's Open Letter
    Tex just brought up a problem that a lot of men have had with getting the wife or girl friend to at least try the nudist life style. I think the main reason that a lot of women are afraid to be seen by other people naked is the old ( I don't look like a model ) syndrome.
  • Why Nude Beach & Social Family Nudity
    We are born naked. Everyone knows that. But the moment we leave the womb, we are wrapped in a blanket, and the skin hardly ever sees the light of day again. For the next 70+ years of life, we wrap our skin in a cocoon of fabric.
  • NaturistMusings
    Random news articles & writings about nudity. Some very good ones relating to body freedom and Christian Naturism. You will have to dig for them though.  It does have photos of nudists throughout and some articles are of general nudism.

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