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Here are some testimonies of events that have happened to me or that I witnessed. See my personal bio for details about me.

I lived in Germany for several years and that was really the awareness of there being NO relationship between nudity and sex. The European culture is just so much different than the American culture. Top-free for the ladies is common and nudity is present in advertisements, on TV and billboards. Normally in places where there are groups of people who wish to be naked (at the pools, park, & beaches) there is usually an area where they would go. Not in shame, but mostly because it was better conditions (sand vs. grass or more shade and so on).

  • As an example, I was riding through a local park and being hot, I decided to stop at a snack trailer I found along the trail. I jumped off my bike and got in line. While in line, I watched all the families, old people, kids and such rode on by. Some even stopped as I did... (I would like to point out that the American culture can not separate nudity and sex, so one is always thought of with the other which causes a completely different atmosphere.) It was not until later after I had been in line for a while that I suddenly realized that most everyone around me was naked. I guess what caused me to notice was that someone in line needed more money and somebody commented about not having pockets. Let me add that I am not dense and I would have been quick to notice naked people and ladies. But the situation and later realized is that with our culture, it is not the nudity. It is the sex we are taught to associate with it that causes an attitude of smut, seduction, or however you want to label it. This was completely natural. So natural in fact that nudity didn't stand out as anything else but natural and normal.

  • Another similar incident was a time I was in one of the local pools. I had just finished swimming and went to the shower area to wash the pool water off. As always I peeled off my suit, so I could rinse it out and wash better. It was then that this very attractive lady walks in and does the same thing. So there I was, naked right next to this naked lady in the next shower. Yes I did mention that she was very attractive, but you know? It was so natural and beautiful that the sex attitude part was just not there. I finished, collected my things and went to the dressing area. A little bit behind me she left the shower area with her things in her hands and actually was straight across from me in the dressing area. Yes, it was a co-ed shower and dressing area. (I will point out here that all people cultures has delinquents and weirdo's and in no way should they make any conclusions for you about any situation.) While we were doing our thing and dressing, there were some kids and a couple of Americans who were trying to add-in the sexual attitude. The lady, myself, and most everyone else there just wouldn't have anything to do with it. I mention this as the attitude differences. The lady and I were not the only ones there. The pool was busy that day and full of various kinds and type of people. The attitude was natural and the delinquents did not steal or effect it.

As you will tell, I am still researching, collecting, building and adding to this site.  Please check back often for more...  If you are a Christian naturist family I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear from most everyone. I would like to hear your stories of how you came to be a naturist and how it was that you became a naturist family. Also, feel free to email me if you have comments, questions, or note corrections about my site. If I have missed something or added anything, please tell me. The last thing I want is an error to mislead someone.

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