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There are more sexual influences with clothes than without. Media, advertising, TV, movies, and porn industries thrive on people's fantasies of the unknown and out of site. The United States is more closed on clothes, that they in fact create a larger problem. Nudity is allowed freely and openly in every other country in the world. There are more sex crime related offences and sex related demonstrations in the US than the rest of the whole world combined. I have seen first hand the US and European cultures and their various impacts based on this one point.

In short, the Europeans are freely open with nudity and it is just that, nudity. Yes, there is sex there too, but there is a clear difference between them and US. In the US, they are freely open with sex, but simple nudity is not allowed. Why is that? When you restrict nudity, is becomes the unknown, the taboo, the drive for the sex side. You just don't see the sex side at all, when you are open with nudity.

In comparison, the problems with pornography, teen smut and sex, teen pregnancies, abortion, rape, incest, molestation, tramp fashions, the latest pop stars becoming who they are, in the US are huge. You realize that the US government actually thinks it is the nudity that causes it, when it is the sex that drives all of it. In the other countries and primarily Europe, as that is where I have done my studies, you do not see any of these problems and nudity is freely allowed. Also this comparison is directly linked to shame. In the US, kids are raised with the belief that it is bad to be naked and will go to great lengths to not be seen. We are taught that the only time to be naked is to have sex and is the greater reality. Those kids grow up with self-image, self-esteem issues, which are actually linked to being the cause for the high rate of teen suicide. The kids in Europe do not have these problems. They grow up with co-ed dressing rooms in schools. They see that each other are different and it is natural and no links to sex.

By observation, did you know that the wicked and unmoral are among the least to ever be part of simple nudity or naturism. Why? Because they cannot see moral, thus nudity is sex and lewd behavior. They do not and will not be part of something that is morally good. Their parties and resorts are sex camps for orgies and swingers. Totally separate...

Naturism, or "free body culture" (FKK) as it is known in Germany, was banned by the Nazis but blossomed again after the Second World War, particularly in eastern Germany.

Here are some other facts:

  • Studies show significantly less incidence of casual premarital and extramarital sex, group sex, incest, and rape among nudists than among non-nudists.
  • Studies have demonstrated that countries with fewer hang-ups about nudity have lower teen pregnancy and abortion rates.
  • Clothes enhance sexual mystery and the potential for unhealthy sexual fantasies.
  • Clothing focuses attention on sexuality, not away from it; and in fact often enhances immature forms of sexuality, rather than promoting healthy body acceptance.
  • Clothing often focuses attention on the genitals and sexual arousal, rather than away from them.
  • Partial clothing is more sexually stimulating (in often unhealthy ways) than full nudity.
  • Modesty--especially enforced modesty--only adds to sexual interest and desire.
  • Non-acceptance and repression of nudity fuels pornography by teaching that any form and degree of nudity is inherently sexual and pornographic.
  • Pornography, in turn, limits women's ability to participate in healthy nude recreation, and to be casually nude in other ways. Naturism breaks the power of pornography over women.
  • Much of the origin of repressive attitudes toward nudity may be traced to the political setting of the early church and church-state, though not the teachings of Christ Himself.

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