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Welcome to my site. This site is to compile and reveal the naked truth about nudity. As I search and explore Naturism further, I ask for God's wisdom and truth on the facts and for Him to show me the naked truth about it.  I have found many things and I am trying to collect them here.  This site began as a private resource; an online collection of notes. I created this site for me initially as a centrally located reference point in my quest. (A melting pot if you will.)  I hope this site might also show you the truths I have found in support of positive participation.

So what is this "Naturism" thing you ask?  Well, first off it has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with sex.  People who tell you it does, don't know anything about Naturism.  You perhaps would be well advised to question any other of their "facts" too!  The word itself is adopted with the meaning of returning to nature as opposed to "nudism" which just means doing things without clothing.  The two words are used mostly interchangeably but a Naturist would prefer outdoor camping while a nudist would prefer more the nice motel type of "roughing it"!  Both groups tend NOT to equate nudity with sex and any lewd behavior will get you an invitation to leave the gathering.  Perhaps the Christian groups fall more toward the Naturist side as they tend to enjoy God's creation a little more.  WHOA you say!  Christians without clothing!  But isn't that against Bible teaching?  Not at all! In fact if one actually searches the scriptures he finds that it was someone else entirely who must have suggested clothing in the first place because God wanted to know where Adam even got the silly idea he was naked! (Gen 3:11)

Please checkout My Bio for more about me and my background on nudity. Be sure to checkout the other pages too for info and validity on biblical naturism.

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