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My Bio

I am a naturist! (sounds like a care group...) You see, I have been a nudist for most of my life (that I can remember). Actually, I was born that way. I find so much release of daily and life stress from total body freedom. I have never thought that my not wearing clothes was something that was different, wrong, or bad. I love being nude whenever I can, but it seems to be a chore to find the time or places to be nude. I am blessed to be married to the most awesome woman and helper God could only provide. I feel blessed in the fact that my wife doesn't object to my nudity and has security to join me when we are alone and it is "safe". But as we have so many things always going on through our lives and home it is very difficult to go nude till everyone goes to bed or goes out. My prayer is that this site would help provide her, my whole family, and everyone with God's truth as He has shown me.

I lived in Germany for several years and that was really the awareness of there being NO relationship between nudity and sex. The European culture is just so much different than the American culture. Top-free for the ladies is common and nudity is present in advertisements, on TV and billboards. Normally in places where there are groups of people who wish to be nude (at the pools, park, & beaches) there is usually an area where they would go. Not in shame, but mostly because it was better conditions (sand vs. grass or more shade and so on). See my testimonies of events and examples that have happened.

When I returned to the states, I was puzzled and a major indescribable confusion set in.  I knew something wasn't right. I was pulled between the European/German culture and the American culture. I started looking for good simple nudity and in most every case it was just a sleazy sexual display. I know it is the cause for the very high sex crimes problems here and have stood on a soapbox about it ever since. I have heard some testimonies about young people and ladies who dress in a way to be revealing and their comments as nudists are that they hate clothes and wear as little as possible without breaking the law, so they might try to stay as cool as possible in the hotter weather. That could be the case for many, while many others just use it as a sexual tool. (The advertising mantra that sex sells.). What is the difference you ask? The American view through the culture we were raised. The difference is attitude! You can't describe it, but you can know for certain when a person is marketing themselves or just being comfortable and living free. I have learned that our culture sees nudity and sex as one, because from a young age most of us have been taught not to be seen naked; that it is bad. We are taught body shame. Well the only time we are naked then is for sex, so the two separate items became one. Not to mention the shame we grow up with, we feel like being naked is shameful or that something is wrong with our bodies. So the unmoral ones and industry feed on that and use skimpy clothes to sell sex. And of course the "little" left for the imagination feeds lust.

I have been to a resort (campground) several years ago and loved it. I want to go somewhere again. Yes, there are those times I can be nude at home, around the house and such. But it just is not the same and those times are few and far between. You can be free at a resort & hike, swim... and not worry about the neighbor coming over or the kid's coming home. You can wake up in the morning and enjoy the day without being closed in or a hermit. You reach the time for bed and realize you never once stopped to think about clothes or what to wear. It is a freedom that is beyond explanation or words of any kind. It is the most natural and the greatest opportunity to be completely free of shame and without anything to hide behind. It also is the fullest and deepest relaxation one can possibly ever experience. It is only then that I believe you can fully connect with Christ, by not having any barrier between you and Him. I know it sounds absurd, but you will never experience this kind of total connection with Christ without any barriers between you and Him until you try it. You still say no way. Well, biblically I have outlined references to know and show (as He has shown me through my prayer and research) it is pleasing to God. With this I have realized that I am not just a nudist, in addition I am a naturist, a Christian naturist.

I am now a devout Christian and that has brought up some questions about whether a Christian can be a nudist. Well, one can and together they would be a Christian Naturist. As you read on throughout my site and it's resources, you will see for your self. As I search and explore Naturism further, I ask for God's wisdom and truth on the facts and for Him to show me the naked truth about it.  I have found many things and I am trying to collect them here. This site began as a private resource; an online collection of notes. I created this site for me initially as a centrally located reference point in my quest. (A melting pot, if you will.) I hope this site might also show you the truths I have found as well. I am not trying to copy everything I find and read, why repeat others works. I do however highlight statements and compile a lot I have found from the different places, each being given credit from the source I found them where you can explore more.

As you will tell, I am still researching, collecting, building and adding to this site. Please check back often for more... If you are a Christian naturist family I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear from most everyone. I would like to hear your stories of how you came to be a naturist and how it was that you became a naturist family. (Check out my comments page.) Also, feel free to email me if you have comments, questions, or note corrections about my site. If I have missed something or added anything, please tell me. The last thing I want is an error to mislead someone.

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