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Nudists and Naturists

When it comes to modern society, there are some subjects that naturally draw people’s attention. There are celebrities who get immense attention because they’re rich and famous. Some people are constantly fighting for civil rights issues like gay marriage. Then, there are real world problems like the current economic crisis and off news stories that generate some level of interest. Strangely, it’s not so often that you hear about nudists and naturists, even though many people are uncomfortable with their practices.

Nudism is the practice of walking around naked, with absolutely no clothes on, for all hours of the day and night. Nudist societies believe that they should be able to live as they wish, with or without clothes. By not wearing clothes, they believe that can be closer to nature because naturally, everybody is born without clothes. Though there are many nudists, it’s interesting to note that they may not share the same views on the subject. Part of the fun of being nudists is that they can choose whatever definition they want. There are people at both ends of the spectrum and there are people who fit somewhere in the middle, with no extreme views.

The purpose of nudism is hotly debated. Many claim that nudists only walk around naked for “shock value” or because they’re sinful and deviant. Yet, these principles don’t fit the nudist philosophy at all. Nudists believe that they achieve harmony with nature through their own nakedness. Some of their main beliefs include peace and equality. Generally, nudists and naturalists are harmless because they are devoted to sending out positive energy to the universe.

There are some differences between nudists and naturists. For nudists, being naked is something that they just enjoy and there are no deep, real thoughts behind it. There are no philosophies attached to their nudity. However, naturists follow a set of deeply held beliefs that are as important to them as the Law is to law enforcers. Naturists actually see communal nudity as an integral part of naturist society. The groups are often close-knit because they work hard to become each other’s families.

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