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A letter for women attending their first naturist function...

    Welcome Ladies,

    After only a year as a nudist, my perspective on what a woman might want to know prior to attending her first nudist function is that it is completely normal to be scared witless. If it's her spouse urging her to try nudism, anger is the normal reaction. Thinking that he is pursuing nudism just to see a lot of naked women unfortunately does not help her to embrace the idea.

    Nudism is not about gawking; it is a lifestyle choice that gives us the freedom to be clothes-free and experience body acceptance. Women are inherently ashamed of their bodies because of the society we live in; everywhere we turn are beautiful, bone-thin models and actresses, and the world appears to be full of men who desire this kind of woman.

    Most women are not models; quite the contrary. We come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful just as we are. One trip to a nudist event and a woman will be unburdened and free forever of her self-limiting ideas. Along with shedding her clothes, she will shed the body-shame society has dumped on her. She will finally be able to challenge the deeply-held belief that she is unacceptable as she is.

    How do I know how other women feel about their bodies? Because I have lived it. Until I became a nudist, I was convinced of my lack of worthiness because my body never fit the stereotype. Even when I only weighed 107 pounds, I thought I was fat. Off-the-rack clothing never fit my shape. When I look at pictures of me then, I see a darling young woman who just could not be accepting of herself because of a societal burden I didn't even realize I was carrying. I was powerless and unhappy.

    This has been a heavy load to carry for so long, and it makes me cry to think back. I ache for the women who still carry the load, and who will probably carry it forever. To not accept herself as she is, and worse, to identify the essence of who she is by the body she wears while in earth-school is a tragedy. It is my personal goal to lead as many women to a nudist lifestyle as I possibly can. Although it is not a panacea, it is a huge step on the road to self-acceptance.

    The first time will be difficult - but when faced with the opportunity, women need to feel that fear and do it anyway! Come as you are, but you'll never be the same again. Don't worry if people don't jump up to welcome you. We have many new faces, and most won't know that you are a newcomer. You'll fit right in, believe me. If you are uncomfortable, wrap a towel around yourself, or stay in your clothes. No one will care, because we have all been there. If it is the wrong time of the month, don't let that stop you. Strings can be cut off or tucked in. Although you will feel more vulnerable, it's normal, and nothing to worry about. It's just another way life has of giving you a chance to find a creative solution.

    A few things to remember: Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Don't stare, don't ogle, don't touch. No sex jokes, no innuendos. After you get to know folks, some rules can be relaxed. I make sex jokes and innuendos all the time, but only with people I know well and socialize with. For men, the top concern seems to be: What if I get excited being around all the naked women? Keep your towel handy, and cover up if you need to. Or stay in the pool until it passes.

    Nudism is no different than anything else in your life. Once you are accustomed to it, you'll wonder what was so difficult about getting started. Once you get here, though, you will never want to get dressed again. Nudism will cease to be something that you have tried, and it will become something that you are. Becoming a nudist is simply the best step I have ever taken in my own behalf. I urge you to join me.

    Good luck, and welcome!

    Julie Dailey July 1997
    Comments or questions for Julie? Email: sunlady120 at aol dot com

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